Pilot Meal Prep: One Pan Southwest Stir-fry Dinner

Spicy, meaty, and full of easy-to-reheat ingredients, this southwest stir-fry is on repeat often in our meal prep rotation, definitely CP’s favorite road meal to-date. Though we used lean ground turkey, you could swap out for a meat of your choice—however, ground works best in this case. The below recipe will make about 4 packed dinners worth of food and take about 30 mins start to finish.

What You’ll Need:

  • Turkey - 2 lbs [we used 94% lean/6% fat ground]

  • Corn - 1 can

  • Black Beans - 1 can

  • Red Pepper - 1 pepper

  • Lime- 2 limes

  • Poblano Pepper - 1 pepper

  • Olive oil -2-3 tbs

  • Salt [to taste]

  • Pepper [to taste]

  • Paprika, smoked if you have it [to taste]

  • Cilantro [to taste, we used about 10-15 stems]

  • Garlic [to taste, we used 3 cloves]

One Pot Southwest Stir-Fry Directions

  1. In a high-sided pan, place olive oil, chopped poblano pepper, chopped red pepper, and minced garlic. Cook for 3-4 mins.

  2. Add turkey, and salt/pepper/paprika to taste, and cook until almost cooked through 5-8 mins on medium heat.

  3. Add corn [drained and rinsed], and black beans [drained and rinsed], and cilantro. Add another dose of salt and pepper. Cook until warmed through and well-combined.

  4. For some extra kick, add some hot sauce to the meat while cooking it down, or add in finely diced jalapeños to the first step.

The Footnotes:

If you are one of those people who hate cilantro [which I fully do not understand,] just omit it. You can swap in/add other herbs if you have them, thyme and oregano have worked well in the past. Lean ground meat works best, as you’ll end up with a pan of fat otherwise, though in a pinch you could drain it out. Draining rinsing I consider an essential step in all canned food inclusions because of the high salt content, but you do you.