Pilot Meal Prep: Korean Bibimbap

Warm, a little spicy, full of complex carbs and protein, and reheats easily. What’s not to love about Korean bibimbap? While we made our version with beef, you could easily swap out for tofu/tempeh if you want to go vegetarian, or lamb if you wanted to switch it up. The make ahead bibimbap recipe below will give you about four portions for dinners on the road. What we’ve opted to do recently is batch-make two different dinners as meal preps with 4 meals each, and then we each take two of each. This gives us both two options throughout the week and means that neither of us have to figure out dinner during the week.

What You’ll Need:

  • Zucchini/Squash—2

  • Mushrooms [white or brown are fine]—1 pack

  • Green Onions — 4 clusters

  • Broccoli— 1 head

  • Rice [white or brown, whatever your preference]— 1.5 cups, or 4 serving equivalent

  • Ground Beef [or lamb/vegetarian equivalent] — 20 oz.

  • Garlic — 4 cloves or one tbs minced

  • Raw Ginger — about two inches of the root

  • White Wine Vinegar— 1/4 cup

  • Soy Sauce — 1/4 cup

  • Hot sauce of your choice [we used sriracha]

  • Olive oil [to coat the pan]

  • Granulated sugar [1 tbs]

Make Ahead Bibimbap Directions

  1. Chop everything first to make this process a little faster. Dice up your mushrooms, cut your zucchini/squash into half circles, break the broccoli into florets, and slice your green onions [keep your white parts separate from your greens]. If using garlic cloves, chop finely. Peel and mince your ginger finely.

  2. Toss the green onions into a bowl with the vinegar and let them sit for the duration of the cooking process

  3. Cook your rice according to the packet directions [about 20 mins].

  4. Prepare the sauce for the meat by adding the soy sauce, sriracha [to your spicy level preference] and the sugar together. Set aside.

  5. Throw your zucchini/squash, broccoli and mushrooms together in a stovetop pan [deep sides here are preferable to keep them from spilling out] with some olive oil to prevent sticking. Cover and cook until just tender [about 5 mins over medium heat]. Once done, remove from heat and set aside. We seasoned with salt and pepper, but anything goes. If you’re at a loss, Sazon Goya is a season-all that you can use on just about anything.

  6. In a frying pan, throw your ginger and garlic into the bottom with some olive oil. Cook about 2 minutes until soft. Add your meat [or meat sub] and cook until just about done. Add in your soy/sriracha mixture and cook until complete. Season with salt and pepper.

  7. Dive and store! Pack your tupperware and split your rice, veggies and meat evenly across 4 containers. Top with the pickled and green scallions and additional hot sauce if you want it a little more spicy!

The Footnotes:

You’ll want to let this cool down since you have a number of warm dishes here before you put into your tupperware to avoid condensation [and soggy vegetables as steam can keep cooking them].