Pilot Meal Prep: High Protein Breakfasts [That Aren't Eggs]

Hotel breakfasts are notoriously unreliable. Whether you hold a line or are struggling through the waiting game in the training department, how to feed yourself on the road remains one of the biggest life admin challenges that many pilots face. Breakfast can be particularly tricky, because depending on your departure time, you might not have access to a hotel breakfast on-site, or reliable transit to get to anything that may be open off-site. And don’t even get me started on eating copious amounts of airport food.

Coupled with the fact the CP is what can only be described as an egg fiend, finding a filling option that can rival eggs has been an added personal challenge. While hard boiled eggs seem to be the running standard for fuss-free pilot meal prep ideas for breakfast, they are certainly not the only option. Looking for some fresh ideas? Here are some options you might find tasty for both the birds and the big eaters.

Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas for Pilots

  • Oatmeal. Not the Quaker packets. Those things are loaded with added sugars, and have very little added nutritional value. We cut multigrain oats with cinnamon, or use no-sugar added muesli, and walnuts for added protein [almonds are also a good option], and add a fruit of your choice [apples and bananas both travel well].

  • Tofu scrambles. Mix marinated tofu with peppers, onions and some mushrooms. Think of it like a breakfast stir fry.

  • Chia/overnight oats pudding. Mix with fruit and nuts, soaked in a nut milk, overnight.

  • Apples and nut butter of your choice

  • Low sugar protein bars [ThinkThin has some good options and WheyBars, all under 3 grams of sugar].

  • Breakfast hash. Mix sweet potatoes, sausage [or soy chorizo], and veggies like spinach and onions together.

  • Whole grain banana nut muffins.

Happy prepping!