Okay, but what is the “OOOI” of OOOI Blog?

Great question. Said “ooooh-eee”, it’s a play off of the “out, off, on, in” log for flight crews.

OOOI Blog was born out of preparing for airline life and getting it wrong. A lot. For over a year, we [myself, Rachel, and my cutie pilot partner, lovingly referred to as CP], searched blogs, forums, Pinterest, and sought advice and feedback of others across the industry. Tons of blogs covered the “relationship admin” of life apart, but when it came to the practical information on travel benefits, meal prep for pilots, travel gear and life admin-y info for life on the road [or in the air, as it were], we came up short often. And although we both work in the travel industry, it turns out that information was still pretty difficult to come by unless you knew exactly where to look. We were, at best, winging it every step of the way.

From failed non-rev vacations, to overnights in small flyover towns with nothing but gas station pizza for him to eat, we hit some major pitfalls in the course of establishing a livable routine that keeps CP happy between flights.

With OOOI Blog, we’re sharing all the info we wish we had known as we got started in the airline industry, all the info we couldn’t find, and what we’ve learned since then.

If you’re ever flying over Philly, send us a wave from above!